Dossier – Missions, Powers and Arabization

Volume 32 (2019): Issue 3-4 (Nov 2019): Special Issue: Missions, Powers and Arabization

Philippe Bourmaud (éd.) et Karène Sanchez Summerer (éd.)

in Social Sciences and Missions

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Bernard Heyberger’s newest book, Les Chrétiens d’Orient, reviewed by Heather Sharkey

Heather Sharkey reviews Bernard Heyberger’s newest book, Les Chrétiens d’Orient (Paris 2017) in the journal Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations.  In 128 pages, Heyberger brilliantly presents the history of Middle Eastern Christians from Christianity’s origins, through the Islamic era, and until the present day.  Among the book’s major contributions is its attention, first, to how European powers – and especially France, Britain, and Russia – intervened on behalf of, Middle Eastern Christians in the modern era, while pursuing their own political agendas; and second, how Middle Eastern Christians sometimes resisted these efforts to represent, or misrepresent, their interests.

You can find the integral review on the website of Taylor and Francis .