Vittorio Berti

Research Fellow

Department of Historical and Geographical Sciences and the Ancient World, University of Padova, Italy


Personal page: Università di Padova


Vittorio Berti is Senior researcher at University of Padova. He studied his PhD at Padua, and worked in the field of Syriac Studies at University of Zurich, University of Roma TRE, Foundation for Religious Sciences in Bologna. His research considers the East Syrian Church between 4th and 9th century, with a focus on Monasticism, Ascetic and Mystic traditions, Scholastic Structures and History of mentalities of the late-antique Christian Elites. His major contribution is about the intellectual history of the Christian Clergy during the Abbasid age. He is currently involved in the project Translating Mislead Transmit: the Greek Fathers Between Latin Western and Syriac Eastern World (PRIN 2012: unity of University of Roma Tre, 2012-2017)

Research project

  • The production chain of the edition of syriac theological and spiritual texts in Late 19th Early 20th Century: from the recovery of manuscripts to the copying process, looking at the academic scholarship and the typographical structures involved.
  • The spreading of Syriac literature in Western academic scholarship and its contribution to the theological and ecumenical debate.
  • The role played by Eastern « orientalists » in the renaissance of the Syriac Studies.

Key words 

Syriac christianity, missionaries, orientalisme