Norig Neveu


Research fellow

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Norig Neveu is a research fellow at the National Center for Scientific research (CNRS, France) and a member of the Institute of Research and Study on the Arab and Muslim Worlds (IREMAM, Aix-en-Provence). As a specialist of Modern history, she has been conducting research for the last ten years in the Middle East, especially in Jordan and Palestine. Her present research focuses on Christian and Muslim religious authorities in Jordan, Palestine and Iraq between the 19th and 21stcenturies in a perspective of connected history. She has published several articles on local pilgrimages, sacred topographies, religious tourism but also Orthodox association in Palestine and Jordan and the Melkite church in Jordan. She is currently co-coordinating the Lajeh programme on migration in time of conflict in the Middle East ( In the MAGYC programme (H2020), she investigates the role of religious actors and network in welcoming Christian migrants and refugees.

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